Board of Directors 2023

President: Jenna Strong
Director: Patty O’Rourke
Director: Lori Kohl
Director: Paula Clark
Director: Rebecca Helliwell
Director: Robert Stanley
Director: Lucie Desbiens
Director: Dawn Mittelholtz
Director: Unnamed

Board of Directors Role:

Board Members oversee the governance of and financial integrity of PRANCE and help to lead and guide the strategic vision of the organization. They serve on a volunteer basis and attend regular board meetings; supporting our programs and volunteering at events. We thank each and every director for their hard work and dedication.

Meet our Board of Directors:

Jenna Strong (President):
Jenna first came to PRANCE in a volunteer capacity in 2019; acting as both a leader and side-walker in our therapeutic riding program. A keen rider herself, she soon got back in the saddle and became a horse sponsor. Jenna is currently working as a contractor to Bruce Power in their Program Management and Construction division. When not a work, she enjoys baking, playing video games and cuddling with her cat Zoey.

Patty O’Rourke:
Patty was the proud owner of her beloved horse Tate and has been a volunteer in the therapeutic riding program at PRANCE as well as a member of the EFW team. A former educator and currently a small business owner, Patty also finds time to travel the world and to support the causes she believes in.

Paula Clark:
A retired nurse and farm owner, Paula has served as a long-time volunteer horse leader at PRANCE and brings lots of hands-on experience to the Board. When not volunteering, she can be found caring for her menagerie of animals, including alpacas and angora rabbits or working on her loom.

Lori Kohl:

A human resources professional, Lori has seen first-hand the power of horses to help humans. She is a proud mother to two boys; one of whom has participated in the therapeutic riding program. An active volunteer and rider herself, Lori finds horses to be very therapeutic and credits PRANCE with helping her on her own journey.

Rebecca Helliwell:

Rebecca is the faithful owner to her own horse Mickey and brings with her many years of experience as both a child and adult at PRANCE. An excellent Western rider with lots of horse expertise and an enthusiasm for fund-raising, Rebecca looks forward to serving on the Board.

Lucie Desbiens

Lucie and her husband Fern are long-term residents who raised 4 children in the community. A teacher for 15 years, she now serves as a Catholic School Board Trustee. With a daughter having been a horse sponsor and a volunteer herself,  Lucie notes she is “always amazed at the healing power of the horses.” Having had one foot in the door of the facility for so many years, Lucie hopes to now continue sharing her love for the program as a Board member.