Our Horses


Hi, I’m Buck, and I’m an Appaloosa! I love my girlfriend Lucy, the Carrot lady and all my riders. I came to PRANCE in 2014 and have worked hard to fit in. It’s true, I prefer the mares and don’t like to share a paddock with the other boys but that’s okay, I am a bit of a ladies man! Can you believe, someone even made a miniature version of me so that they could cuddle with me at home?  Thanks for making me feel so special despite my funny haircut. I love being here!




Hi! My name is Dolly and I am a 15 year-old Haflinger. I am a truly gentle soul who helps people heal and takes good care of my riders. My mom is Rebecca, the PRANCE therapist. I am very clever and have a little bit of attitude sometimes but I’ll be your most loyal friend if you communicate with me and don’t try to control me.  You can trust me, I am happy to meet you!



Hello, my name is Lexi. I’m a QH/Percheron, 14 years old. I arrived in the very early spring of 2017 and I am a big, beautiful girl but not as confident as you might think.  I am kind of scared of anything with wheels but I am slowly getting used to bikes and wheelchairs.  I’m getting to explore the barn, all the paddocks, the trails, the fields, wow! This place is awesome. I really love my sponsor Payten and am happy to be a part of things at PRANCE.


Hello! I am Simon. I am a thoroughbred, 23 years old. I am very well- educated and have actually been to university! I am a schooling horse that is capable of leaping tall heights with confident riders on my back. I do love the riders here at PRANCE, they are so interesting and I love to help new riders get confident. I have lots of confidence you see. I am very comfortable around large machinery and all the activities of the barn. I’ve moved to the country here and I’m not so sure about those things called wild turkeys or deer. But I’m smart so I’ll figure them out.


Hello, my name is Tippy, and I am a Paint Pony, 25 years old. I came to live at PRANCE and joined the program in 2005. I have learned my new job well, and love to work during the therapy classes. My special volunteer is Margy, I’ll do anything for her. I trust just about everyone and I like to go for walks in the bush with my friends, and I also enjoy a good ride in the indoor arena!!!

Woody (R.I.P. Nov 2023) 

Hello my name is Woody. I’m a registered Quarter Horse gelding. My registered name is “Starbilts Sexy Sorel”. I have been a part of the PRANCE program since 2002. I’m now 28 years old and still going strong. I enjoy hanging out with my buddy Cindy who takes me for rides outside and in the arena. I enjoying working with the program, I can feel the riders smile on my back even though I can’t see their faces. In 2021, I won the Therapy Horse of the Year through CANTRA! What an honour. I guess they must think I know what I am doing or something!


Hi! My name is Kaya and I am a pony.  I share a paddock now with my friends Dolly and Lexi. My best human friends are Barry and Joan. They have supported me and made sure I received everything I need to enjoy life at PRANCE. I’ve just been here since fall 2018 but everyone has made me feel so welcome and I am told, I am quite the cutie!


My name is Lucy and I am a very pretty red-headed girl. I’ve been here a few years now and thanks to my “mom” Dianne, I have come a long way in my learning. I love going on trail rides and hanging out with my boyfriend Buck. One of the youngest in the PRANCE herd, I am looking forward to a long career as a therapeutic riding horse!


Hi! My name is King and I was brought here thanks to the support of the Southampton Rotary Club. I am a big, handsome, gentle boy who loves my riders. It turns out that I am the perfect lift horse and I am able to help people who use a wheel chair to ride me. It is very rewarding and I love being a therapy horse.


 I am Babe! Nice to meet you and yes, I am a bit of a babe – people tell me I  am quite adorable with my blonde hair and highlights! My mom Sophia brought me here to PRANCE in January so that I could try out being a therapy horse and I really enjoy it. Getting to meet all the riders and especially the kids is great and I am happy to be here!


 Hi! My name is Jac – how you doing? I came here this winter with my “brother” Cash after doing lots of traveling around the continent with my family. I am new to all of this but I think I am going to really like being a therapy horse, I love the trails and getting to know all the new people. Thanks for giving me a home here at PRANCE.


 Hello! I am Cash and I am Jac’s pal.  We are grateful to our former owners Elaine and Ron for entrusting us to PRANCE. I am a very good boy and handsome too! Looking forward to a long career as a therapy horse with my bonded brother Jac. We are happy to be here! Thanks you Southampton Rotary Club for raising the money to make it possible for PRANCE to purchase us.