About Us At Prance


PRANCE (Pegasus Riding Association Nurturing Challenged Equestrians) is a therapeutic equestrian center dedicated to the growth and development of individuals with intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities through experiences with horses.

Our specially-trained and certified instructors lead participants through riding,  grooming, tacking-up and trail-riding experiences designed to enlighten, enliven, strengthen and challenge each person.

Horse-back riding has long been recognized as a therapeutic treatment with many physical, cognitive and social benefits. Our ground-work program offer those that are unable to ride to participate in grooming, horse care and other horse-related activities at the barn.

Our Equine Facilitated Wellness program assists those with emotional struggles such as:  grief, anxiety, stress and special issues to learn coping strategies and share in activities with our equine team in a specialized program.

We are a volunteer-driven organization and would love to have you aboard! There are many opportunities with us. (Check the volunteer section of our website) Email us at prance@bmts.com to get your volunteer application form!