Volunteering – Ways to be Involved with PRANCE

Volunteer a few hours of your time each week with a therapeutic riding class for a ten-week session, or during one of the many horse camps offered at PRANCE. Therapeutic riding volunteer roles include: leading a horse, sidewalking beside a horse, grooming before and after riding, and helping prepare a horse for riding.

Camp volunteer roles include all of the above as well as: supervising children, helping with arts & crafts, preparing snacks, general cleanup, etc. PRANCE loves having high school students help out. This is a great way to complete your volunteer hours and earn a letter of reference.

Fundraising volunteers help during fundraising activites throughout the year. This may include helping at the Southampton Craft Show, our garage sale and helping to generate and act upon new ideas. The Craft Show committee is currently looking for committee members. Please contact us if you are interested in helping with what is our biggest fund-raiser of the year and a popular event for so many people!

Our horses love carrots! They enjoy getting a treat from their special rider after they’ve worked together in a session. If you see carrots on sale or would be willing to donate a large bag of “horse carrots” our equine team would be most grateful!

Time Involved:

One morning, afternoon or evening per week. This is a 1-2 hour commitment once a week for ten weeks. Our instructors rely on regular weekly participation of volunteers to provide a quality program in a safe environment.


  • To assist people with disabilities in our therapeutic horseback riding program.
  • To help prepare horses for class, assisting with the grooming and tacking up (saddle, bridle or special equipment). New volunteers will be assisted by an experienced volunteer.
  • Once the horses are ready, the volunteers act as either horse leaders or side walkers.
  • Horse leaders are responsible for the horse in the class.
  • Side walkers are responsible for the rider and walk along side the horse to offer rider support when needed.
  • After classes, volunteers take the horses back to the barn, untack and put the horses in their stalls or paddocks, tidy up the barn, tack room, etc.
  • Perform miscellaneous tasks as needed.


  • A respect of horses; a liking for people; comfortable helping people with disabilities; generally good physical condition (there is some running involved in some, but not all classes).
  • Willingness to learn and follow PRANCE safety procedures.
  • Willingness to attend continuing volunteer education opportunities.


  • Comfortable casual clothing. Since the arena is not heated in the cool months, layers of clothing should be worn. If your hands are sensitive, bring a pair of gloves. Comfortable walking shoes or preferably boots that provide foot protection are essential.
  • The following articles cannot be worn for safety and health reasons: open-toed shoes or sandals, tank tops or sleeveless tops, cut off jeans or shorts, dangling jewelry or perfumes and colognes. It is strongly suggested that rings be discouraged.


We are always eager to have new volunteers join our seasoned dedicated team already helping out our therapeutic riders in each lesson. These volunteers make all the programs possible.

Without their constant dedication we wouldn’t be able to help so many people.

Remember too that students may earn their volunteer hours for community service here at PRANCE!

If you are interested in volunteering – please contact our office via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Download the Volunteer Application, then phone our office for an appointment

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful volunteers!