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Riders and their stories!


Jessica: "Without PRANCE, I would not be able to ride. I cannot mount a horse like an able-bodied person.  It is because of PRANCE that I can ride and enjoy my love of horses, as they have a lift to help people get on the horse... I have been riding there for twenty-two years and I love all that I have learned and am able to do!...I live in a wheelchair and riding allows me to get out of the chair and feel free and independent. The horse becomes my legs...it is a wonderful feeling! PRANCE is an integral part of managing my life as a disabled person."


Jessica and Bailey

Dylan: "I will never forget his first lesson...my kid, normally so wary and nervous of any new situation, got on that horse like he'd been doing it his whole life! He was smiling. I burst into tears.  This is the first activity we have ever taken Dylan to where I actually feel comfortable leaving him... and taking a few minutes for myself, something a parent of a special-needs child doesn't get to do very often. PRANCE is a crucial piece in Dylan's development and I will be forever grateful for the experiences it has given to both of us." - Dylan's Mom, Kimberlee



      Dylan & Volunteer Dianne

Ben:  "One of the most amazing times in my son's life was the first day of PRANCE riding. Ben was 5 years old and was still dealing with re-occuring Autoimmune Encephalitis. . . His first lesson he met his horse Tippy, a black and white warm, calm friend. Ben nervously got on his back and spontaneously came alive! His volunteer asked him Ben, how do you feel? and without hesitation he blurted out STRONG! with the biggest smile on his face since he became ill. My momma heart melted to see such joy on his face. We've been coming to PRANCE every year since and I have seen my son blossom." - Ben's Mom, Terra

Ben & Tippy

Rachel: Rachel has been riding with PRANCE since 1994!!! As a young person, Rachel had an extensive career riding hunters and jumpers and exercising thoroughbreds at the race track. After being struck by a car and suffering with life altering injuries, Rachel had thought her riding career was over. Hearing about programs at PRANCE, she thought she would try out riding again. Rachel loves the positive encouragement and the environment at PRANCE. Her balance has improved and she is loving being back in the saddle again.