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Riders and their stories!

Jessica getting ready to ride

Without both horses and riders PRANCE would not be the program that it is!

Currently PRANCE owns and cares for 8 horses with an additional team member being leased. The therapy horses are acquired based on a selection process used by the Horse Committee.

Lorraine: Lorraine has been riding with PRANCE since 2003. Her two favourite horses are Tippy and Kirby. As well as riding on the horse, Lorraine enjoys vaulting and doing balancing stunts on horseback. Lorraine says that she likes to surprise people with what she can do and being a "ham". Horses have taught her to be patient.

Jessica: Jessica has been riding with the PRANCE program for 17 years. Riding horses has helped Jessica get over her fear of animals. Jessica loves horses and has found riding to be "life changing". Horseback riding gives her something to talk about with others. She loves the PRANCE facility - it is one of her "favorite places to be".

Jessica and Ivy

Rachel: Rachel has been riding with PRANCE since 1994!!! As a young person, Rachel had an extensive career riding hunters and jumpers and exercising thoroughbreds at the race track. After being struck by a car and suffering with life altering injuries, Rachel had thought her riding career was over. Hearing about programs at PRANCE, she thought she would try out riding again. Rachel loves the positive encouragement and the environment at PRANCE. Her balance has improved and she is loving being back in the saddle again.