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Our Horses


Hello, my name is Bailey. I am a QH/Clyde Morgan. I came live at PRANCE in 1999, and learned to be a therapy horse. A true lady never tells her age but I will let you in on the secret - I am about 24 years old. I am used for riders who need the Wispa lift to mount me from their wheel chair. I am the "go to" horse for new riders, nervous riders and new volunteers, I've done it all. I love to have the wind in my mane, even in the winter. This is the best place to be. I even have a nice house to live in. Come see my place some time. It's really something and I love it!

Beanie (RIP - Sep 2018)

Hello my name is Beanie. I am a registered Leopard Appaloosa. I am 24 yrs old and have lived at PRANCE for the last 18 years. I love to go for long trail rides and I also enjoy doing a little bit of jumping. Sometimes I have some trouble trusting the humans that work with me, but once I’m comfortable with you I am happy to do almost anything you ask of me. Did you know that horses can be claustrophobic? Well, I'll tell you it's true because I am. I love people just not so many close up to my face. Even when the other's are playing in the paddock I just stand back and watch. It's what I do. I'm a good watcher. I also make sure the others aren't being bad. Just what I do!


Howdy, I'm Buck, and I'm an Appaloosa, and I love my girlfriends Diva and Dee, and the volunteers and Darcy who feeds me and Amy who rides me and Carrot lady.... Oh, I didn't take a breath. Sorry, that's just who I am. I love meeting new people. I love looking at new things and I'm just SO excited to be working here. I came here in 2014 and didn't know what I was doing but everyone has taken some time to teach me. See, I'm not the prettiest thing ( I have a stumpy mane and funny eyes I'm told) and someone may overlook me BUT the PRANCE people didn't and I want to work SO hard for them. But sometimes I forget and need to be reminded. That's why I went to school a littel while back and a man named Hugh (he wore spurs that made a funny sound when he walked) helped me understand what I'm supposed to do. Thank you PRANCE for giving me a great home to work from.


Hi, my name is Dee. I'm an Appalosa, 18 years old.  I had a change of career aspirations so I have found a wonderful new place to work at PRANCE. I love to work you see as I was in the show ring for many years. My professional name is Principle Deesire and I made a real impact in the show circuit for many years but you know, that's hard work. I love working with all the riders and volunteers here and my paddock mates are fun too but really, I excel at being given a job that I can accomplish well and proudly. We may not earn ribbons in our retirement but we earn smiles and hugs and that's the best!


Hello, I'm a little quarter Horse mare, 17 years old, that came to PRANCE in 2013. I'm the driving horse. Yes, you'll see me gently leading the cart  around the property with my special drivers aboard in our driving program. My human friend Elvin tacks me up and gives me the commands I know so well and together we help the drivers learn. Though I do get a little confused as to what to do when I have a saddle on I went back to school with a nice man named Hugh who helped me understand again what I'm supposed to do. I love the riders here and I do worry about them. I just have to stop walking if I know they're upset and rely on my human leader to tell me it's okay. I always want to know it's okay. I am so glad my owner, Liz decided this is where I was going to live.




Hello, my name is Lexi. I'm a QH/Percheron, 8 years old. I'm so new to this therapeutic riding thing that I'm still trying to figure out what it all means. I arrived in the very early spring of 2017. Oh, did I mention I hate anything with wheels? Makes me really weird to watch them. Well, I am actually getting used to them. Right, yes, I'm to be learning and I am really, I am. There's just so much to do here. So many great people and great riders. See I'm a big girl and everyone thinks I'm so tough but I'm not, I can be a bit of a fraidy cat. I'm getting to explore the barn, all the paddocks, the trails, the fields, wow! This place is awesome. I can't wait to get to work like the rest of my new friends. I am loving it here.


Hello, my name is Sienna. I am a Canadian/Draft horse cross. I am 20 years old and I came to live at PRANCE in 2003. I love my job with the adults and children who ride me in the therapeutic riding program. Kerstin Essmann is my sponsor, and special human friend. She provides me with the love and care I need to stay happy and healthy for the therapeutic programs. I may be a large girl but really I'm a princess and love to have my beautiful mane and tail brushed so it shines in the sun. I love to work hard and want my riders to work hard too so I may push them a little bit. I know a lot, I've done a lot of things in my life. Just ask and you'll see what I can do!


Hello humans. I am Simon. I am a thoroughbred, 17 years old.  I am very well educated and have actually been to university if you would like to know. I am a schooling horse that is capable of leaping tall heights with confident riders on my back. I do love the riders here at PRANCE, they are so interesting and I love to help new riders get confident. I have lots of confidence you see. I am very comfortable around large machinery and all the activities of the barn. I've moved to the country here and I'm not so sure about those things called wild turkeys or deer. But I'm smart so I'll figure them out.


Hello, my name is Tippy, and I am a Paint Pony, 20 years old. I came to live with the program in 2005. I have learned my new job well, and love to work during the therapy classes. My special volunteer is Margy, I'll do anything for her. I trust just about everyone and I like to go for walks in the bush with my friends, and I also enjoy a good ride in the indoor arena!!!


Hello my name is Woody. I’m a registered Quarter Horse gelding. My registered name is "Starbilts Sexy Sorel”. I have been a part of the PRANCE program since 2002. I’m now 23 years old and still going strong. I enjoy hanging out with my buddy Louise who takes me for rides outside and in the arena. I enjoying working with the program, I can feel the riders smile on my back even though I can’t see their faces. I am quiet and content with my paddock mate McJake and love the fall colours at the farm.