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Board of Directors 2017

President: Louise Martin

Ahsan Muhammad

Brad Pryde

Colette Wood
Darcy Sanderson

Hank Van Moorsel

Ian Cruchley

Philip Wright

Kerstin Essmann

Board of Directors Role:

All board members donate their time every month to meet to do the important work of directing PRANCE endeavours. Board members also instruct lessons, sponsor horses, and volunteer with riders and events. We thank these people for their dedication to the PRANCE program.

Ahsan Muhammad:  Ahsan joined the Board of Director in 2017. Ahsan brings his experience of managing a not-for-profit organization he lead which built a school in South East Asia. As a young professional and a Bruce County loal it is Ahsan's goal to ensure that PRANCE, an organization lead by volunteers provides a positive and a lasting impact for the community .                        

Ian Cruchley: Ian joined the Board of Directors in 2015. Ian brings 30 years of technical and business experience to PRANCE to assist in developing and expanding program offerings through efficiencies and business principles. As a horse owner, Ian knows and understands the power these majestic animals bring to the health and well being of the people they touch.

Kerstin Essmann: Kerstin has been with PRANCE since 2002 in the roles of horse sponsor, volunteer and board member. In 2012 she passed her CanTRA (Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association) Assistant Instructor exam. She has also completed Level 1 and 2 of Equine Facilitated Wellness programs with Deborah Marshall. Kerstin loves seeing the difference horses make in people's lives, how they help us heal physically and emotionally, and how they give confidence and open our hearts.

Louise Martin: Louise and her two daughters (now OEF level 3 certified riders) are sponsors of Woody and Tippy. They volunteer extensively at PRANCE and love watching the PRANCE riders develop their skills. Serving her third term as President of the Board of Directors, Louise and her family will continue to support everything PRANCE.

Brad Pryde: Brad and his wife Kathy built the facilities associated with Miramichi Farms in 1992. The primary purpose of the horse stables and horse riding arena was to provide accommodation for PRANCE in which Brad and Kathy were the original founders. Brad has been on the Board of Directors since 1993 and assists in the administration of PRANCE.

Darcy Sanderson: Darcy is integral to the maintenance and health of the equine team at PRANCE; he, his wife Jenn Sanderson (who is an instructor for PRANCE) and two children are hard workers around the barn. The facility wouldn't be the same without the hard work and dedication that Darcy puts forward.

Colette Wood: Colette enjoys the benefits and challenge of volunteering with PRANCE both at the Board level and as a leader in the therapeutic sessions.