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Board of Directors 2021

President: Alex Taylor

Past President: Louise Martin

Administrator:  Brad Pryde

Director:  Hank Van Moorsel

Director:  Patty O'Rourke

Director:  Paula Clark

Director:  Yvonne Lippert

Director:  Tammy Thomas

Director:  Nicole Wildeboer

Board of Directors Role:

Board Members lead and guide the strategic vision of  PRANCE.  They serve on a volunteer basis and attend regular board meetings and support our programs and volunteer at events.  We thank these people for their dedication to our organization.

Meet our Board of Directors:


Alex Taylor (President)


Alex began serving as president in January 2020. He brings with him decades of experience in the horse world as an owner of  Quarter Horses. In his professional life, Alex worked in the financial services sector. In recent years, he has been an active volunteer with many organizations including: PRANCE, The Legion, Boy Scouts and Minor Hockey. As busy as he is, Alex always finds time to help out at as a horse leader in our therapeutic program.

Louise Martin :

Louise Martin is past-president of PRANCE, having served on the Board of Directors for five years. She is also treasurer of the annual Southampton craft show. With 34 years of experience as a registered insurance broker and the head of accounting in her office, Louise brings a wealth of experience to us coupled with her love for all things PRANCE.

Hank Van Moorsel:

Hank joined the PRANCE Board of Directors after witnessing first-hand (as a volunteer leader and side-walker) the benefits the program provides to our challenged equestrians. As a thirty-five year member of the Tiverton and District Lions service club,  he is aware of the importance of volunteers in keeping important programs such as PRANCE viable. He considers it an honour to work with the active and dedicated volunteers and staff at PRANCE.  

Brad Pryde:

Brad and his wife Kathy built the facilities associated with Miramichi Farms in 1992. The primary purpose of the horse stables and horse riding arena was to provide accommodation for PRANCE. Brad has been on the Board of Directors since 1993 and assists in the administration of PRANCE.

Patty O'Rourke:

Patty was the proud owner of her beloved horse Tate and has been a volunteer in the therapeutic riding program at PRANCE as well as a member of the EFW team. A former educator and currently a small business owner, Patty also finds time to travel the world and to support the causes she believes in.

Paula Clark:

A retired nurse and farm owner, Paula has served as a long-time volunteer horse leader at PRANCE and brings lots of hands-on experience to the Board. When not volunteering, she can be found caring for her menagerie of animals, including alpacas and angora rabbits or working on her loom.

Yvonne Lippert

A retired business owner, Yvonne has been an active volunteer at PRANCE for several years. She is also an enthusiastic cyclist and runner, having completed marathons in Canada and the US. Yvonne brings great energy to the Board and will work hard on behalf of the horses and riders.

Tammy Thomas: 

Tammy brings with her twenty years of experience in the business and accounting field and currently heads her own bookkeeping business with clients across Canada. She is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and served with the 400 Air Reserve squadron in Toronto. An avid traveller with a love for animals, Tammy found the perfect side gig pet-sitting internationally and enjoyed many pre-covid trips to sunny destinations like Hawai and California.

Nicole Wildeboer:

Nicole has been vacationing in the area since she was young and recently moved here permanently. Eager to get involved in the community, she joined PRANCE as a volunteer leader and side walker in 2020 and saw first-hand, the significant support PRANCE offers to challenged riders.  She has a professional background in municipal capital asset planning and project management and has served on multiple boards of directors and looks forward to this opportunity with PRANCE. When not working, Nicole enjoys photography, DIY projects and enjoying life by the beach!