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Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the physical benefits of therapeutic riding?

Horseback riding affects the whole system. As the horse walks, the rider's body gets a workout, like going for a walk him/herself. This is especially important for somewhat immobile persons.

Lessons begin with warm-up exercises to get muscles, ligaments and tendons ready for the ride. During class, tight areas get stretched and relaxed, flaccid areas will eventually be built up and toned. As balance and core strength increase, the rider gets more skillful with following the horse's movement and feeling secure in the saddle.

Walking on, stopping, turning become easier and enjoyable, even for the most challenged riders. The rider's cardiovascular system benefits as well, especially during the trotting part of the lesson. The rider's confidence improves in the saddle as well as in other areas of life.

What are some of the psychological and social benefits of therapeutic riding?

Riders gain self-confidence and self-esteem from mastering skills normally performed by able-bodied riders. Learning to ride gives everyone a great sense of accomplishment.

Riders bond with their horses as they learn to care for them and tend to the horse's needs.

Riding in a group is a social activity that is enriched when riders go on trail rides and experience the out of doors from a new 'high' perspective. Our extensive trail system on the property is filled with trilliums and toad lilies in the spring and beautiful fall leaves later in the year. Wild turkeys, deer, owls, bald eagles and hawks are also common to our area and are routinely seen on trail rides. Social interaction in a fully-integrated environment helps both riders with special needs and those without.

Riders learn patience as they learn to communicate quietly with their horses. Emotional growth and control is a benefit from learning to be respectful and patient with the horse.

Riding gives people an unique activity to communicate about with friends and family.

How can I participate?

Contact the office either by phone 519-832-2522 or email: prance@bmts.com and we'll ask a few questions to find out which of the PRANCE programs you will enjoy the most.

Can I come out and visit before I sign up for a program?

Absolutely! We encourage a visit to our facility (Miramichi Farms) and learn more about our PRANCE programs. We would love to show off the 300 acres that is our home! Come down the driveway and let me take you on a tour of our wonderful facility!

Do you offer public trail rides?

PRANCE is a therapeutic riding facility and does not offer any public trail-riding.


Please contact us for any questions you may have! We'd love to hear from you!